Sunday, December 1, 2019


Questions that are pondered in this blog:
What are problems?
Are problems a blessing or a curse?
How to compromise with our inner-self?

" Happiness is not the absence of Problems,

But the Ability to Deal with them."
~ Anonymous Writer 
Problem is a situation that can be regarded as uninformed, unwanted or harmful and which is needed to be dealt with or overcome. "Most of the problems in life are because of two reasons: we act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting" by an anonymous writer. Many times problems are not as big as we make them by just thinking about it. It's just a roller coaster in the journey called Life. It's just about deciphering the problem and taking a right turn at the right moment.

" Don't think too much of the Problems in life,they are just Test Papers given by Godto see how much we've learned inHIS subject called LIFE.If you think you failed,Review it through Prayers."~ Anonymous Writer
Next, the biggest problem is to make a decision about whether our problems are our blessings or curse on us. Normally when we encounter a problem we just think about its negative aspect and totally ignore how beneficial it could be for us. Problems are actually a means of self-realization and self-improvement. While doing so we encounter our real selves, our positives also we can face our major loopholes. "Limits are a Secret Blessings, and Bounty can be Curse" by Twyla Tharp. Actually, sometimes blessings might include hidden curse in them, by this I could remember the ancient Greek story of the deceptive Trojan Horse that eventually let to the fall of the city of Troy. So it's up to us as to how we treat our blessings or curse, as a challenge to overcome it our as a burden to drag it. both of these are part and parcel of life without anyone we lose the importance of our Life. Remember both blessings and curse are God's way to test us, our actions and our reactions to it. According to me, all problems are blessings in disguise we just need to demonstrate patience to achieve our blessings or we might end up with a curse.

" The Problem is not the Problem,the Problem is your attitude about the Problem.Do you understand?"~ Jack Sparrow 

Now the next major concern that arises is how to create an understanding with our own selves. It's very easy to console others and advise them but the problem arises when we, ourselves need to follow that advice. I know it can be really hard to console our own selves, but it's not completely impossible. "There are 3 solutions to every problem: Accept it, Change it, Leave it. If you can't accept it then change it if you can't change it then leave it" by Anonymous Writer. Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn but most of all experience to enjoy. If you feel you are experiencing many problems and your life is ruined in solving them then you need to remember you have many more times blessings that you are experiencing. When we don't question receiving blessings then why do we question our problems? Life means improving your Problem Solving ability. There are 2 types of problems: one that can be solver another that can't be solved. If it can be solved then why to worry just solve it and if can't be then why to bother your precious life behind it just let it be.

In the end, I would like to add don't try to avoid your problems, take the courage to face it you will end up with blessings there is no place for curse in our lives unless and until we guide it to us... 
"Problems are like Washing Machines,they Twist, they Spin & Knock us around,but in the End, we come out Cleaner, Brighter & Better than before."~ Anonymous Writer

Saturday, November 23, 2019


" The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched,
They must be felt with the Heart"
~ Helen Keller
What is beauty?
It can be classified in different ways based on person speaking about it. According to dictionary meaning of beauty is combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. But I'm sorry to say our society has modified the meaning of beauty to complexion of skin only. Beauty means a fight of complexionLevel of beauty depends on whiteness of your skin, the lighter your skin tone is the higher your level will be. But at the same time if you are albino then you are out of the race. This is the contradiction that happens most often in our society.

" People are like stained-glass windows,
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out,
but when the darkness sets in,
their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within "
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 
What are the measuring criteria?
Their is no actual measurement criteria that is followed. It purely depends on viewers eyes and their measuring criteria. So never judge yourself by others eye, you alone know yourself best. To be Beautiful means to be Yourself, you don't need to be accepted by others, you need to accept yourself. You are aware of your strength and flaws. We were all created by Supreme power and you can't be designed any better than you are now. I believe all living things are beautiful irrespective of colour and shape. Beauty comes from within not external appearance only. External appearance might attract for sometime but fades away with time, what actually can hold people's attention is beauty of your inner self, your heart, your thoughts, in short your Character. Don't run to be beautiful for something temporary as looks, be beautiful for something deep inside you that's your soul. Develop an ability that can make others smile even in their hard times that's real form of being beautiful...

"The beauty of a woman is not the clothes she wears,
the figure she carries, 
or the way she combs her hairs.
The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, 
because that is the doorway to her heart,
the place were love resides"
~ Audrey Hepburn
Do we see the real beauty?
Have a thought do we really see the real beauty of a person or we also obsessed with complexion only. External feature changes over the years but what doesn't is the character. Over all these years I have seen numerous people and of various nationalities, and all that I could deduce was only one result that beauty isn't about complexion at all. A person with less complexion is far more beautiful than the one with lighter tone of skin. And most importantly who are we to judge others. Are we send to this planet to judge others beauty or to create hierarchy of beauty. NO, not at all we are here to support each other be a better person rather than hurting each other. Try to develop the real beauty in yourself and appreciate everything around you and instead of pointing out the flaws, cover them up with their goodness. You will find that everything is beautiful it was just over selves who had turned blind eye towards it.

Lastly, remember always Beauty lies within, external appearance is just the flashy advertisement which seems meaningless after detailed check. So grow your inner beauty and external will automatically follow it.
"Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly lies to the bones
Beauty dies and fades away, but ugly holds its own!
Create and cultivate Inner Beauty that never fades away
but grows and matures with Time!"
Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


"“Relationships are like Birds,
 If you hold Tightly they Die,
 If you hold Loosely they Fly,
 But, if you hold with care, they remain with you Forever”
~ Unknown Author
What are relations?
Relations are bonds that make us, develop us, guide us, break us and much more... We are surrounded by multiple relations some are true some are fake but we can't distinguish easily. So it's better to cherish whatever we have. We can either nurture relations and let them bloom like flowers or we can kill and bury them in our ignorance it purely depends on us. Best are those relations where both ends keep trying and don't give up...

"Having somewhere to go is home,
 Having someone you love is family,
 Having both is a blessing"
~ Unknown Author 
Do relation effect us?
Relations effect us deeply. In fact we are nothing without our relations. Relations gives us courage, hope, enthusiasm, many more also sometimes resentment, irritation, bitterness, so on... But this is all part and parcel of life and it adds spice to our life. When I say relation it doesn't mean relation with humans only it's relation to entire humanity, to the world we are in. Our everyday life involves a big contribution of our relation with nature, with people around and with our thoughts. In this blog I'm focusing on human relations.

"Respect people who find time for you in their busy schedule, 
but love people who never look at their schedule when you need them"
~ Unknown Author
Do we need to guard relation?
A beautiful relation always gives you positive energy to fight back with the problems and without our knowledge they keep supporting us. Sometimes we feel it's over due time or any other factor but they suddenly support us when the whole world turns away. Such relations should never be left out. They are our backbone.We need to understand that Relations are some times fragile whereas sometimes they are robust. Sometimes we need to give them space and time to develop and sometimes we need to hold it tight to secure it. Sometime they need care and compassion whereas sometimes they need sternness and harshness. Actually it's a huge topic to be discussed... but keep in mind everything that is related to us needs to be monitored or it withers eventually with time.

"Distance doesn't ruin a relationship,
~ Unknown Author
 Should we hold onto it or let it go?
Should we cling to a relation even if we think its already over or when can we say it's over and out now. Some people say relations have life span but I believe it between two people how they support it to grow, it can't nourish from one side. And the main culprit to destroy a boosting healthy relation is Doubt, along with it there are many other culprits too. Once we start doubting any relation, how much ever effort, nourishment you give the seeds of doubts will hollow it up. In some case even after giving your all dedication, time, effort you don't find any development then understand it's time you need to give space if it's worth it will come back to you... A relation that just keeps demanding might not be worth clinging too. 

To end up I feel the most valued relations are found during the hardest times of your life...

"A Great Relationship is about two things,
first, Find out the Similarities,
second, Respect the Difference"
~ Unknown Author 

Thursday, October 17, 2019


"Once you choose HOPE anything's POSSIBLE"
~ Christopher Reeve
Today I will begin without questions...
We all being humans are bound to have problems, no one on this earth can say that they are free of any sort of problems. It just differs in the way how we accept it, by complaining or having Hope. HOPE is the abbreviation of "Hold On Pain Ends"  by an Anonymous Author. I use this vocabulary frequently... and to be honest it boosts me up many times to fight back. I agree that it can't be effective every time, but even the light of a dim candle enlightens a dark room. That's what hope is according to me. Ability to see through your problems.
"BE STRONG, because things will get better.
It may be stormy now, but it never RAINS FOREVER."
~ Unknown Author 
It's just 4 letter word with multiples of emotions and it has ability to develop yourself in numerous ways like: 
  • Faith for better tomorrow
  • Patience for problems to end
  • Strength to climb mountains of troubles
  • See through darkness and find stars
  • Face your fears
  • Dreams to become reality
  • Overcome unexpected obstacles
  • Confidence that you can do it and so many more

Hope doesn't means to sit still and wait for problems to end or opportunity to knock your door. Hope means to keep working, keep struggling, keep trying again and again till you succeed. Best example around us is our Parents, our Elders even we can observe this in animals like spiders, birds, even after facing numerous challenges they construct their house and even after its demolishing they don't sit and give up instead they start working on it again.

In the end, it comes down to me that always,
Hope for Best
and be
Ready for Worst... 
If you always remember this, it wont' solve your problems but it will make your life easy and give you confidence to fight back.
"FAITH makes all things POSSIBLE,
LOVE makes all things EASY,
HOPE makes all things WORK."
~ Unknown Author 
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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Nature Our Best Guide

Is nature important to us?
Did you ever wonder what Nature is trying to teach us?
Can we pause our works for a minute to think what we have done for Nature?

"Look deep into the nature,
And then you will understand everything better"
~Albert Einstein
Everyone is busy with their life, their problems and all worldly affairs. But did we ever ponder about natures role in our lives, is Nature really of any importance to us? In fact the reality is that our day starts with nature and ends with nature and the whole day long we are around nature and it's blessings. But we rarely appreciate it for all support it has been providing us continuously without break. Now the next question how are we around nature? We encounter nature in different ways like bright morning light or the coolness of night, breeze of sea or warmth of wind, sweet melody of birds chirping or innocence of flowers and similarly multiple ways. These are few blessings we keep receive free of cost that's the reason we don't value them. Can we imagine a day without nature around us? Impossible, isn't it. So just try to pause and appreciate Nature.

"Nature teaches us Simplicity and Contentment, 
because in it's presence we realize we need very little to be Happy"
~Mark Coleman
Nature is always standing erect, tall and firm for years and years... Nature is trying to teach us continuously, but in our ignorance we don't even notice. The most basic lesson it gives us is to keep moving, every next day is a new beginning that should be our thought instead of grieving at past. Have you noticed river flowing it doesn't reverses itself instead keeps moving forward to reach to its goal, and to reach their it takes turns, bends, even splits itself on hitting hurdles but never gives up. That's the simplest lesson river can give us, Past can't be changed but future can be so stop worrying about past think, work to improve future. Next observe a tree, in a year it experiences multiple changes from being covered in green to being leafless. But still it stands there firm accepting all changes because it believes that best days are about to come. Also the whole year around it gives selflessly in the form of shade, fruits, twigs , holding soil for our safety, coolness and so on. We need to learn how to be selfless and always have hope for best to happen. Similarly each and every part of nature gives us some hints on how to live. Think of other natural phenomena that guides us. We don't need big things to happen to be happy in our lives, try finding happiness in small things. Relieve yourself from all anxieties there is Creator of all things to help us out. 

"We make a Living by what we Get 
but we make a Life by what we Give"
~Winston Churchill 
Last question to be wondered about...
Can we pause our works for a minute to think what we have done for Nature?
Nature keeps giving us continuously without fail and in return what does she receives? Only our blames, curses and even threats to its existence. How many times have we thanked our Nature for all support it has been providing us? How many times did we try to protect our Nature? HOW MANY TIMES??? I don't expect anyone to build up a forest or construct wildlife sanctuary. If each one of us do our little part Nature will be at peace. Little things of any type thing like planting a plant, less use of paper, feeding people and animals in need, avoiding wastage of any sort, etc can have large impact. If anything is not possible a heart felt gratitude is also sufficient, it's never required to show case what you are doing or feeling. In the end it's you and your feelings regardless of others comments and suggestions. Learn from Nature how it faces everyone with smile even when it's getting blamed for no reason.

In the end, I believe Nature teaches us many things but the once I like most is,
as there is always sunshine after every dark night...

"Nothing in the Nature lives for Itself,
Rivers don't drink their own Water,
Trees don't eat their own Fruit,
The Sun doesn't shine for Itself,
A Flower's fragrance is not for Itself.

Sunday, September 22, 2019


What is happiness?
Who are Happy people? 
Are we Happy? 
Let's Explore...

"Everyone wants Happiness,
No one wants Pain.
But you can't have a Rainbow,
Without a little Rain."
I'm not an expert, just a normal human who is trying to just express her views. So let's begin...
According to me happiness is just feeling where you feel you are King / Queen of this Universe. Happiness can't be measured it can only be felt.  Happiness can't be categorized into types, it can be of any sort. When unknowingly your heart smiles that is happiness. When you meet an old friend unexpectedly that's happiness.And to be said precisely it is experienced little more when it's long awaited. If every second things makes you happy and you have few/ no tensions then these happiness are worthy but we might not feel it totally. But if we receive happiness attained after long desire and awaiting then it is precious. When you receive the fruit of your patience that is happiness.

Now the second question: Who are Happy people?
"Satisfaction of one's curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life."
By Linus Pauling
People who are satisfied irrespective of age, cast, culture, nationality, etc are most happy people. How are they most happy people? It's very simple to understand, if I have everything yet I'm not satisfied I will always be longing for something or other. Whereas even if I have little but I'm satisfied with what I blessed I will be surely grateful for everything what I have. "Happiness is Enjoying little things in Life" by Unknown Author. I don't mean to say we should't desire anything, of course we should or we won't progress but there should be desires but with satisfaction of what we have. Satisfied are those who believe Almighty decides best for them and what they received is infact best.

Now the most important question: Are we Happy?
"If you want happiness then start Giving,
Because the happiest people in life are Givers, not receivers."
By Unknown Author 
This is a question we need to ask ourselves. Or are we just fooling ourselves that we are happy and we don't have any worries. Don't fool yourself, Face it and try to be really happy. Happiness can be achieved in various ways depending on us. As far as I'm concerned I believe happiness is Real and Meaningful when Given. Have you ever tried helping someone in sorrow or stress or helping an orphan or have you tried forgiving and clearing your heart or ignoring mistakes or just a simple smile. There are several ways, if you have done any of these type of stuff then the happiness you have received is the Real one. Try it if you didn't experience it still. It's never too late for any good experience. Of course there are other type of happiness also like if I pass an exam or I successfully bake a cake they are also real one but the level is a bit lower than the Happiness received in Giving.

Last not the least:
Help others you won't lose anything but there are mountains that can be gained. Have faith in Almighty, HE is there to lead our life to success which in turn is happiness.
"If you want happiness for an hour, 

If you want happiness for a day, 

If you want happiness for a year, 
If you want happiness for a lifetime, 
Chinese Proverb


Who is women?
What is her role?
What is her worth?
Let's begin the talk...
"A woman is not a Commodity or a toy for Amusement,
but a Real partner to a Man.
She has Right of her own 
and deserves the utmost Respect"
By Unknown Author
Women is just female human being deprived of her rights to be called Human. I'm Women and proud to be one. If we compare present condition of woman, there is absolutely much change. But still there is lots of progress still to be made. We say both men and women are equal but do we actually mean that? I'm not talking about physical strength but the social equality. Any how it's a vast topic to be discussed I'm trying to discuss in brief. She becomes happy with small things and stress out for nothing. She goes crazy on the word shopping. She has ability to create as well as resolve problems. She is a Unique organism send which is yet to be fully discovered. 😉

Now the next question: What is her role?
"When you educate a Man you educate an Individual,
when you educate a Women you educate a Generation."
By Unknown Author 
According to me there is No role that women can't play. To begin with she is a daughter, sister, friend, wife, daughter in law, sister in law, mother, mother in law, grandmother and along with all these she has dynamic professional character too. She plays each part with all her ability and capability. She is the link between two families. She takes the burden to maintain dignity of people related to her. When she is in her professional role she is enthusiastic, dedicated, innovative and doesn't merge it with her personal life. Women are in fact the role model of society. As Mother Teresa says: "Not all of us can do Great things, but we can do Small things with great Love"
this is exactly what a women does. She is on 24/7 hour work but many don't receive the kindness, peace of mind, appreciation and support that they deserve.

Last question of this segment: What is her worth?
"Women hold up half the Sky"
Chinese Proverb 
Worth of woman can't be measured. She is a priceless treasure. But she doesn't receives what she deserves. She is blamed, cursed, abused, beaten for faults that she has never done. She is not given chance to clarify facts that she has not done. She accepts everything with smile and builds courage to face it, she is not so strong but she hides her fears and acts boldly. Some people feel if they are blessed with daughters its shame for them, it's burden to their family. To such people with frivolous thinking I want to say "She is not shame but the pride of society. Respect her, appreciate her then you will see how she blooms and spreads her fragrance."

Last but not least:
This is my message to all woman around
"Until you spread your wings you will have no idea how far you can fly"
By Unknown Author